Material Science & Engineering

- Linear Sectioning Machine
- Belt Grinder
- Disc Grinders
- Hot Mounting Press
- Cold Mounting Press
- Grinders/Polishers
- Hardness Tester & Microindentation Hardness Tester
- Inverted Metalographs, Upright and Stereo Microscopes
- Image Analysis & archiving Systems
- Glow discharge Spectrometers
- Carbon & Sulfur determination
- Oxygen & Nitrogen determination
- Hydrogen Determination

Lab Furnitures
- ALF Modular Laboratory Furniture
- Free Standing System (High Quality and Medium range quality)
- Others Frame System

Quality and services are highly through-off at D. I. Scientific Sdn Bhd. We strive to supply our customers with products of high quality in combination with and excellent service. Motivated and well trained staff, an extensive quality control system, modem facilities and additional manual work according to traditional ways guarantee the quality of the product. It also allows us the meet the demands of our customers.

Metallographic Sample Preparation

Excellent sample preparation is the cornerstone of proficient materials inspection. LECO provides you with a solid line of metallographic sample preparation products to ensure better quality samples right from the start.


Microstructural Analysis

LECO provides you with the right tools needed for high-performance metallurgical examination, research & development, and quality control. With a full range of optical equipment and accessories to choose from, our team of specialists will go the extra mile to get you where you need to be.

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Glow Discharge Spectrometers

Performing bulk and/or quantitative depth profile analysis on solid, conductive, and non-conductive samples, LECO puts reliable analysis of bulk material and surface treatments in the hands of production personnel. Benefits of our atomic emission spectrometers include freedom from metallurgical history and matrix effects, low gas consumption and fewer calibration standards, linear curves, narrow emission lines, wide dynamic range, and SmartLine Remote Diagnostics.


RC612 Carbon and Water

The RC612 provides fast, reliable carbon and water determination. This state-ofthe- art instrument determines various forms of carbon while accurately determining hydrogen/moisture content in a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials. A small footprint, external PC with easy-to-use operating software, and increased instrument robustness are all a part of the advanced instrument design.


DH603 Hydrogen

Get fast, high-precision residual, diffusible, and total hydrogen determination with the DH603. This state-of-the-art instrument determines the amount of residual hydrogen (or diffusible and residual hydrogen when equipped with the optional integrated sample piercer) present in ferrous alloys. A small footprint, external PC with user-friendly operating software, and increased instrument safety and robustness are all a part of the advanced DH603 design.


Carbon/Sulfur Elemental Analysis

The CS Series combines a proven combustion technique with state-of-the-art technology for wide-range measurement of carbon and sulfur in metals, ores, ceramics, and other inorganic materials. Our latest generation of carbon/sulfur instrumentation features an on-board software platform powered by a touch-screen interface to increase usability and lower cost-per-analysis.


Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Elemental Analysis

The ONH family of analyzers is designed for wide-range measurement of oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen content of inorganic materials, ferrous and nonferrous alloys, and refractory materials. A custom software interface developed for touchscreen operation provides complete access to instrument control, analysis settings, diagnostics, reporting, and more.



LECO comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) with FID/ECD detector is ideal for solving analytical methods which require superior resolving power over traditional GC. Whether you need to speciate sulfur-containing compounds in petroleum, separate halogenated pesticides, or quantify chiral compounds in flavors or fragrances, LECO's GCxGC options deliver unparalleled separating power and up to an order-of-magnitude increase in peak detectability.


Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOFMS

All the hardware and software features of the Pegasus HT (including full-range mass sensitivity and mass spectral acquisition rates up to 500 spectra/second) with the added bonus of GCxGC technology. GCxGC (comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography) adds a second dimension of chromatographic resolution to the sample analysis. This added separation is the answer to quantifying and characterizing the most challenging samples.



The TruTOF combines a benchtop time-of-flight mass spectrometer with powerful ChromaTOF software to provide revolutionary time-compressed chromatography. As the only MS detector in its price range capable of collecting up to 80 full-range mass spectra/second, the TruTOF delivers sufficient data density to accurately characterize GC peaks and increase productivity.


High Resolution TOFMS (HRT)

Developed to withstand the rigor of modern analytical demands, High Resolution TOFMS (HRT) technology provides high-performance MS capabilities, including acquisition speed, mass accuracy, superior relative isotopic abundance, mass resolution, and dynamic range, all available simultaneously. Folded Flight Path™ (FFP™) technology, available exclusively from LECO, provides the needed path length (up to 40 m) to achieve high performance resolution, along with the stability to guarantee excellent mass accuracy.


SC632 Sulfur/Carbon

Perform sulfur, carbon, or sulfur/carbon analysis quickly and effortlessly for many applications—including soils, coke, coal, and fuel oil. The SC632 uses an ASTMapproved technique and is ideal for some inorganic materials such as cement and limestone as well.


TGA701 Moisture/Ash/Volatile Matter

The TGA701 is your total solution for fast and robust macro-constituent analysis. Determine weight loss as total moisture, ash, volatile content, or LOI in various organic, inorganic, and synthetic materials. The TGA701 is perfect for a variety of industries and applications—including feeds, milling products, foods, catalysts, coal/coke, and cement.


CHN628 Series

The CHN628 Series makes it possible to achieve fast results in organic matrices from food to fuels. The dual-stage furnace system operates at temperatures up to 1050°C with pure oxygen to ensure the complete combustion of all organic samples, without requiring additional metal oxidizing reagents or other carrier gases. A variety of features, including automated sample loaders, increase sample throughput while maintaining a low cost-per-analysis.



The Pegasus HT combines LECO's time-of-flight mass spectrometer with ChromaTOF software to provide revolutionary time-compressed chromatography, complex sample resolution, Automated Peak Find, and True Signal Deconvolution in a high throughput GCMS. No other system can match the Pegasus TOFMS for speed, accuracy, and proven reliability.


AC600 Semi-Automatic Calorimeter

The AC600 is an Isoperibol Calorimeter that provides fast and accurate calorific results for various organic materials such as coal, coke, fuel oils, and waste materials. Its unique design combines state-of-the-art hardware and software technology with automation and increased ease-of-operation for improved instrument performance and throughput.


AMA254 Advanced Mercury

The AMA254 safely and accurately determines trace amounts of mercury in soils, sludges, liquids, coals, and combustion residues. Results can be obtained in as little as five minutes using a safe and efficient direct combustion technique, eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals in the use of sample digestion.


ST2000-DLXn (Thin Film Thickness Measurement)

- For University and R&D Center


ST5000 (Thin Film Thickness Measurement)

- Standard Model
- Industrial Specifications
- Automatic X-Y Stage
- Auto Focusing


ST4000-DLX (Thin Film Thickness Measurement)

- Standard Model
- Industrial Specifications
- For R&D Center


ST5030-SL (Thin Film Thickness Measurement)

- Standard Model
- Industrial Specifications
- Automatic X-Y Stage
- Auto Focusing
- For Semiconductor & FPD


ST6000 (Thin Film Thickness Measurement)

- Industrial Specifications
- For LCD Measurement
- Intended for TFT-LCD, STN-LCD


ST8000-MAP (Thin Film Thickness Measurement)

- The Smallest Spot Size to Measure
- Submicron Pattern
- Simultaneous Multi-spot Measurement
- Half-tone Measurement for 4-Mask Process


SCM6000 (Color Measurement)

Auto-control Color Measurement System


ST4080-OSP (OSP Measurement)

Analyze OSP coating thickness on PCB/PWB


OV-SPI 500 (3D Metrology Profiler, Hybrid 3D Interferometer)

K-MAC 3D profiler, OV-SPI 500, provides non-contact and non-destructive measurement thanks to White Light Scanning Interferometry. Due to CCD camera installation, the real-time measurement is possible and the measurement result is displayed with 3D mapping data through the perpendicular resolution of nano unit. Especially, the integrations with Thickness, Refractive index and Critical dimension measurements, the distinguished feature of OV-SPI 500, extends its possibility to apply wide range of applications.


SPRmicro (Surface Plasmon Resonance)

Allowing to use the Surface Plasmon Resonance(SPR) technology on a limited budget, SPRmicro detects the specific binding of bio-molecules without labeling by means of the refractive index change.


SPR i (Surface Plasmon Resonance)

- LabelFree Technology
- Real-Time Monitoring
- Rapid Screening of Array Chip
- Ease-to-Use
- Powerful Image Processing S/W


Gold Chip (Biochip Analyzer)

The sensor chip is the signal transducer in real time SPR. The chip is a glass slide with a thin layer of gold deposited on one side. Gold is chosen for its combination of chemical inertness and good SPR response. The gold film on the sensor chip is covered with a covalently bound matrix to which bio-molecules may be immobilized using well defined chemistry.


Accesorry (Biochip Analyzer)

The holders can be used SPR sensor chip cleaning and reaction such as SAM formation

Strip Reader

Various and high performance in-vitro Diagnostics technologies has been developed along with advanced molecular biology. K-MAC, specialized in the analytical area, provides diverse IVD Analyzers based on OEM with the cooperation of Reagents, Strip and Rapid Kit manufacturers. K-MAC has supplied the analyzer utilizing Reflection, Fluorescence, C-MOS/2D-CCD, SPR and SPR imaging technology and these technologies are applied for Urine Analysis, Cardiac Disease, Infective Disease, Blood Analysis.


SV2100 (UV-Vis Spectrometer Detector, Fiber Optic Spectrometer, Fiber Optic Spectrophotometer)

- Modular Spectrometer
- Various Application
- OEM Biz. Oriented


SV5000 (UV-Vis Spectrometer Detector, Fiber Optic Spectrometer, Fiber Optic Spectrophotometer)

- Embedded Spectrometer
- Unlimited Flexibility
- OEM Biz. Oriented


Spectra Academy (UV-Vis Spectrometer Detector)

- One System
- Multi-Use
- Modular & Component Design


Lab Junior Kit (Educational Spectrometer)

- Educational Spectrometer
- 3 Modes in One system
- Economic Price