Life Sciences & Chemistry, Halal Lab Consultant

The Halal Lab Consultant, Life Sciences & Chemistry department has enhanced the duties of this marketing section by venturing into the field of providing procurement services. This division has even assembled a group of specialists to assist in everything form setting up a new laboratory to design and implementation of project works.

Advance technology from our principles, combined with the group’s project management expertise, give the company the capacity to handle various turnkey project for industries and institutional customer.

Analytical Chemistry research Laboratory for Halal identification, Herbal, Pharmaceutical, Synthesis Chemistry, Biofuel, Environmental Application.
Carbon Hydrogen Nitrogen Sulfur Oxygen determination in pure chemical
Oil Determination by Super Critical Fluid Extraction mainly in Natural Product
Bomb Calorimeter for calorific value
TGA analyzer for Moisture, Volatile mater, Ash, and Fixed Carbon
Mercury Determination up to ppt level.
GC-MS & 4DGCTOFMS for Semi-Volatile compound for chemometric and halal identification profiling
LC-MS for Non-Volatile Compound identification chemometric and halal identification profiling
ICP-MS for Ultra trace element up to ppt level
Carbon, Nitorgen, Sulphur Determination for So8l and plant tissue.
Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer for heavy metal determination
Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer for trace metal up to ppb rang of determination
U/V Vis Spectrophotometer for colour study
Gas Chromatography, GCxGC & High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Analytical instruments :-
- Spectrometer & Photometer
- Weighing Balance & Density meter
- Fluorementer & Comparators
- Calorimeter
- Turbidimeter
- PH & Ion meter
- R.H. temperature and Water Activity meter
- Refractometer & Polarimeters
- Conductivity & TDS meters
- Oxygen & BOD meter
- TGA Analyzer
- Oven & Incubators
- Environmental test Chamber
- Cooler & Circulators
- Water baths
- Mixer & Emulsifier
- Centrifuges


The TruTOF combines a benchtop time-of-flight mass spectrometer with powerful ChromaTOF software to provide revolutionary time-compressed chromatography. As the only MS detector in its price range capable of collecting up to 80 full-range mass spectra/ second, the TruTOF delivers sufficient data density to accurately characterize GC peaks and increase productivity.



The Pegasus HT combines LECO's time-of-flight mass spectrometer with ChromaTOF software to provide revolutionary timecompressed chromatography, complex sample resolution, Automated Peak Find, and True Signal Deconvolution in a high throughput GCMS. No other system can match the Pegasus TOFMS for speed, accuracy, and proven reliability.


High Resolution TOFMS (HRT)

Developed to withstand the rigor of modern analytical demands, High Resolution TOFMS (HRT) technology provides high-performance MS capabilities, including acquisition speed, mass accuracy, superior relative isotopic abundance, mass resolution, and dynamic range, all available simultaneously. Folded Flight Path™ (FFP™) technology, available exclusively from LECO, provides the needed path length (up to 40 m) to achieve high performance resolution, along with the stability to guarantee excellent mass accuracy.


TruSpec Micro Elemental Determinator

The TruSpec Micro is available in CHN and CHNS configurations with an available oxygen add-on module compatible with either configuration. Get optimal performance and rapid analysis times for sample sizes from 1 to 10 mg. A host of features increase sample analysis time and throughput, while maintaining a low cost-per-analysis.


Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOFMS

All the hardware and software features of the Pegasus HT (including full-range mass sensitivity and mass spectral acquisition rates up to 500 spectra/second) with the added bonus of GCxGC technology. GCxGC (comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography) adds a second dimension of chromatographic resolution to the sample analysis. This added separation is the answer to quantifying and characterizing the most challenging samples.


SV2100 (UV-Vis Spectrometer Detector, Fiber Optic Spectrometer, Fiber Optic Spectrophotometer)

- Modular Spectrometer
- Various Application
- OEM Biz. Oriented


SV5000 (UV-Vis Spectrometer Detector, Fiber Optic Spectrometer, Fiber Optic Spectrophotometer)

- Embedded Spectrometer
- Unlimited Flexibility
- OEM Biz. Oriented


Spectra Academy (UV-Vis Spectrometer Detector)

- One System
- Multi-Use
- Modular & Component Design


Lab Junior Kit (Educational Spectrometer)

- Educational Spectrometer
- 3 Modes in One system
- Economic Price


QuEChERS Products(Q-sep)

- Fast, Simple Sample Prep for Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis